Join Quantumize now and be at the forefront of Post-Quantum Encryption Services as the world advances towards Quantum Computing. Your data and privacy are under imminent threat from both governments and global hackers. Take immediate action!

Our mission is clear: to provide robust protection against the impending dangers of Quantum Computing. We’re excited to announce that four Quantum-Proof Algorithms have received approval through the NIST-sponsored international competition. The urgency is evident: secure your valuable data and files promptly to avoid the risk of unauthorized access or loss of control. Act now and become a Quantumize member today.

Public or Private File Encryption – Key Encapsulation Mechanism (KEM)

3b-Falcon Post Quantum Cryptography Algorithms

Classic McEliece

Authenticate Digital Message – Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA)

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Quantumize offers Port-Quantum Encryption services using the four NIST approved Algorithms below. Click on the any of the four buttons above to start encrypting your data for the Post-Quantum Computing world.

The clock is ticking, and the solution is clear. Don’t leave your business data exposed to the quantum computing threat. By using our Post-Quantum Cryptography Services, you’re not just protecting data; you’re ensuring the future of your enterprise. Act now, and make your move before the malicious actors make theirs.

National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST) just finalized an international competition that approved four quantum-proof algorithms. Quantumize proudly aligns with these cutting-edge standards, ensuring data remains invulnerable in the quantum age. This milestone sets the stage for our pioneering encryption solutions to fortify organizations and individuals alike. Above are the (1) Public-key Encryption and Key-establishment Algorithms and (3) Digital Signature Algorithms: 

Our Post-Quantum Cryptography Services

Take action now with Quantumize, a leader in Post-Quantum Encryption Services, as the world advances toward Quantum Computing. Your data and privacy are at imminent risk from global hackers and governments. Our mission is clear: provide unbreakable defenses against Quantum Computing threats, with four approved Quantum-Proof Algorithms. Act swiftly to protect your data and avoid potential loss of control. Join Quantumize today.

Unbreakable Defense

Even if attackers gather encrypted data today, they’ll hit an insurmountable wall when attempting to crack it with future quantum resources. Your secrets remain yours

Stay Ahead of Adversaries

By embracing post-quantum security now, you outpace potential attackers who are still operating within the confines of traditional encryption

Guarding Your Reputation

A data breach can lead to lasting damage to your company’s reputation and customer trust. Secure your brand’s integrity by acting proactively.

Battle-Tested Security

Our services are built on rigorously vetted NIST-approved post-quantum cryptographic algorithms. We ensure your data remains impenetrable to both classical and quantum threats.

Our Platform

Effortless File Sharing: Sharing files with colleagues, clients, or friends is a breeze on our platform.
Secure Data Synchronization: Our platform ensures that your quantum-protected information is consistently updated across all your devices
Advanced Search: Locate your quantum-protected data quickly and efficiently with our powerful search functionality
Granular Access Controls: Define who can access your cryptographic keys and data with precision.
Cross-Platform Compatibility: Whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, our platform seamlessly integrates with various devices and operating systems.
Version History: Just like modern file synchronization services, our platform includes a robust version control system for cryptographic keys and secure data.
Collaborative Workspaces: Similar to collaborative environments, our platform provides spaces for teams to work together seamlessly.
File Recovery: Accidents can happen, but our platform has you covered.


Why Post-Quantum Cryptography?


Future-Proof Security

Traditional encryption methods will be rendered obsolete by quantum computers. Our post-quantum cryptography services ensure your data remains secure against future threats.


Quantum-Safe Transition

Making the switch to post-quantum cryptography can be seamless. We offer solutions that integrate seamlessly into your existing security infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition without disruption


Regulatory Compliance

Protecting your data isn’t just good practice—it’s often required by industry regulations. Our services align with the latest data security standards and compliance requirements.



Your sensitive data remains confidential and is never compromised. Our solutions guarantee end-to-end encryption, mitigating risks posed by eavesdropping and unauthorized access.


We work with a wide variety of industries & users

At Quantumize, our reach is expansive and inclusive. We collaborate with a diverse array of industries and users, recognizing that the need for quantum-secure solutions transcends boundaries. From Enterprises to Healthcare, Financial Services to Government and Defense, Education and Research to Individuals, we stand ready to fortify the digital realms of every sector. Our commitment to delivering tailored, quantum-resilient security solutions ensures that regardless of your industry or role, Quantumize has the expertise to protect what matters most.

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